Cold Feet

Friday, October 19, 2012

At some point in our life we all experience cold feet.

Something happens in you life, a setback, a heart ache. Whatever it is getting back in the ring gives you cold feet.

Since April Dee and I have gone through every up and down I can wrap my head around and if I tried to write them all, you would be reading this post for a week.

The "ups" were great. We are doing something that was fulfilling. Sharing the bracelets, talking with all of our movers was a really cool experience.

There were also "down's". It was all the behind the scenes drama that only Dee, Myself and our friend's    and family saw. I am sure you all saw our face book post's about the strike in Nepal and backorders. We were under constant damage control trying to ship out crazy amounts of bracelets, that to be honest neither one of us was ready for. Everyday was high strung, we were afraid we would have negative feedback because people thought we were a scam, when really we were so overwhelmed, that we could not keep up. I am almost certain Dee and I spent More time in our Dining room, aka, "the Pit", then we did anywhere else this past summer.

Now thats not to say we did not have a little fun. My Aunt Debbie and My cousin Todd were a HUGE help this summer. Debbie is "the process" Queen, she was always creating smarter ways to run the business. Todd helped me with orders and we would brainstorm on new ideas for Mae Movement. We would all be up till one in the morning filling orders, responding to emails and yelling at our computer's when Paypal was not working properly. We would play music and sing and dance and make weird jokes about bracelets orders. To be honest anyone who was not in the Pitt with us, probably thought we had all gone a little nutty.

We closed the site in July due to a problem with Inventory. There is no need go into great lengths but we no longer work with Lily and Laura. There were a lot of issues with matter, all of which Dee had to   handle. I watched my Mom go from very excited about our new venture, to extremely stressed out and on edge. Our Facebook and email was nothing but damage control for backorders. seeing the mass amounts of backorders in our dinning room was scary, it was hard to have peace. We felt like we could not move forward. Needless to say months later after slowly resolving the backorders. Dee and I took a break. We needed time to re-group, figure out how to express Mae Movement again, and send everyone the right message. It was encouraging getting emails, tweets and Facebook messages asking when we were coming back. If anything we missed talking to you girls and hearing your stories. Dee and I excited to start a new chapter for Mae Movement, we have a lot of fun things coming your way and we can not wait to share them with you! I know I am speaking for myself, and for Dee, when I say we were just scared. We never wanted to let anyone down, and I think the thought of starting again gave us... cold feet.
Things in life that scare us are usually the thing's that once we dive in and start, are the things that we benefit from the most like going to school, working out or starting a new job.
My Movement for this month is going to be crushing my fears and embracing the uncertainty. Life was not meant to be understood, that's why I want to take each day and look at it as an opportunity to grow.

Thank you all for being so patient!
God Bless,
Haley and Dee

Pics from our trip to NYC last week :)