How To: Plan + Achieve Your New Years Resolutions! // Free Printables!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I really can not believe how fast 2014 went! I know, I know, every year we say that, but seriously?!

I want to bring it this year. That means daily blog + video posts, collaborations, new products + much more. 2015 is going to be MY YEAR!

You are probably thinking.... " Haley, thats great, but whats your plan, how are you going to make it different than last year?"

Well movers, let me tell you... You see, I realized a few things about myself this year....

As organized as I mae seem via social media, I definitely have my moments and usually they are because I have WAY to much going on. My brain feels like a million things are flying around and no matter how many planner I have I get paralyzed and then and up accomplishing nothing. This year year I learned to just START. Don't think so much about the process, the way it looks. We spend more time on Pinterest looking for "inspo" that by the time we go to do the project we are bored or tired or we realize how much time we just waisted and we need to move on to another priority. Sound like any of you?

I HIGHLY encourage you all to watch my new video because  lets be honest, it is better to watch than try and read my crazy thoughts :)

Ok, so did that maek things clear? I hope so! Well just like the video promised here are your two printables! (I scaled mine down to fit my A5 Filofaxes)

Don't forget your "Maek it Happen" Resolution Kickstarter! 

2014Holiday Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY! For Guys + Girls | Under $100!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I wanted to share with you some creative gift ideas for this season. Keeping in mind function, purpose and of course BUDGET! I hope this guide inspires you and shines some light on some new brands and shops, that I truly love supporting! You can watch my video below and maek sure to enter the giveaway for your own Lisi Lerch Tassel Earrings + Hair Accessories from the Mane Message! 



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