Stop Thinking, Start Feeling

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You know when you when you have those moments where you wake and realize how fast your life is going by. I know for me this happens A LOT whenever I am going through some sort of trial in life. I think it is because it makes me appreciate the times when I am feeling good. Now I do not mean to say that right now everything is bad for me. No things are great in certain areas and others not so much. Unfortunately the “not so much” areas affect the goods ones causing me to feel down all over. 

It is no secret I have a sleep issue. I have written about it before. Most of my posts on social media happen at 3 o’clock in the morning. I do not expect people to sympathize with me on this because it is very difficult to understand unless you go through it yourself…. And believe me when I say, I do not wish it on anybody.

I have a whole lot of time to think, compared to most people. In fact I have about 7 more hours to think. Humans have around 49 thoughts per minute, 2,940 thoughts per hour and about 47,040 thoughts per day. Little miss “lets only sleep two hours” over here generates around 64,680 per day. Trust me… it is sooo not worth it…. You end up worrying more, over analyzing and thinking about strange, off the wall things like this blog post for example…. But stick with me it gets less weird. 

Somewhere in one of my 64,680 thoughts I realized how this one negative thing in my life is setting me back from so many positive things in my life and you know what? That really stinks. I am an active person I am always trying to beat my best times in a run, or challenge my self with new workout or training method. I have to really push myself when I have not slept because I get down. I’m tired. I do not want to see anyone or do anything.  It is very easy to fall in to a pity party. I feel like I am slipping away from my goals. Work seems harder, school is nearly impossible and training is on and off. I am a little OCD, I like to control things in my life, I hyper-focus. So this is very frustrating for me. 

Now for the important part J

This past Weekend my boyfriend Jordan and our friends Mark and Natalie were in a Sprint Triathlon. I went to cheer them on and be the photographer, surprise, surprise. We all take classes together at our local gym and they are all insanely fit. No really, they’re insane. I am always so impressed by them; they are go, go, go all the time. They train so hard, but they have fun with it too, it’s bonding for them and you can tell they really love what they are doing. It makes them happy. They MAE-k the time for themselves to do these things, even though they have jobs, families and other everyday circumstances just like the rest of us. They did not get this way over night. They made the decision somewhere down the road. They chose this. They stepped out of their comfort zone to make the necessary changes in their lives to MAE-k it happen.  People who I happen to know, who do not do these kinds of things, I do not mean just physical activities but branching out and trying new things is not their strong suit… yet, always ask why? Why do you kill yourself to at the gym? Why would you run that long? I now have an answer.
In those moments when your crossing the finish line, ripping through the forest or doing whatever it is that gives you that all or nothing feeling, that adrenaline rush.  Maybe for you it’s something different like dancing or playing music. Your brain thinks about that moment. It’s not consumed with 49 thoughts about tomorrow, or next week or even 10 years from now. So if we spent more time doing the things that gave us that rush, we would decrease the amount of negative thoughts that run though our minds. Creating an over all happier more positive life. MAE-ks sense right? 

A new school year is coming up, it is a fresh start and I am sure there are some things that maybe you did not get to try this summer or maybe finish? Now is your time. I am challenging all of our movers; Dee and I included starting this year with a new outlook.  It does not have to be as drastic or thrill seeking as a triathlon or jumping from a plane… I know I am getting ahead of myselfJ We all need time away from reality. You need the feeling of thinking nothing, trust me it great.

I decided to MAE-K this a challenge for the next two months we will be posting challenges for everyone. You will all have a chance to win A-MAE-ZING prices! The best of all though is the one that you are giving yourself J I will have more info in the following week on how to participate. In the meantime start thinking about the things in your life you maybe use to do, want to do
How can you stop thinking and start feeling.

Much Love,