Enjoy The Ride

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Enjoy The Ride

Here we go again. I know, I know, Haley with her crazy analogies. This one is big though, so hang tight.

For months, maybe even a good year, I have dealt with self-sabotage. Not being successful enough, thin enough, and smart enough. I let anxiety get the best of me. I was stuck in a narrow-minded way of thinking and was not to open to trying other ways. These thought patterns affected everything from my career, diet, fitness and sleep. I was trying to do things my way, certainly not Gods way. I spent time reading my devotionals, praying, asking for guidance. I had it all wrong though. God wants his children to be “strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” (Deuteronomy31:6)
Being strong physically can help you be strong spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
I could give advice on things I was struggling with, but did not have a will power to do it myself… that is kind of messed up, don’t you think?

Recently some people have come into my life that I am very thankful for and am blessed to know. With out even realizing it they are helping me to grow and break thorough a lot of what is holding me back. For instance, I have been so afraid of not sleeping I have weird rules about not eating late. Or I get very rigid in my diet and workout routine. Its makes it very hard for me to plan things, commit or enjoy just being present in certain moments. I wanted to enjoy life, who doesn’t! I started doing an intense interval training class and realized the people around me had something I didn’t. peace. Granit I am sure there are things they struggle with too but in this particular area they had peace because it was not about what they looked like. It was about what they could do. How hard could they push themselves to get through to the end. I left my first class feeling invigorated like I had just tapped into something completely new. This past month I have continued the class, along with other high intensity classes and even tried crossfit. My thought patterns began to change. I did not worry about what I looked like; I just focused on how I was physically improving. What I was capable of doing and let me tell you the body is an amazing machine and if you let it, it can do things you did not know were possible. I have not felt so alive and excited about life like I do know while everyone’s movement may not be nutrition and fitness the concept works for everyone. We work so hard to achieve goals, happiness and satisfaction. What does it really matter though if we are not enjoying the process? The best part of the adventure is getting there right? Whether you have exams coming up or a big presentation at work, you can find peace in the process. If you worry about that final grade or how your boss will react, your not enjoying it are you? Instead focus on how you’re going to study and prepare. What can you do to better your study skills or you speaking skills? Who can you go to for guidance? How can you make the process something you will look back on and say? “Wow that was awesome, I feel good about what I accomplished and it even brought me closer to my final goal”.  What are some things that you have been trying to accomplish that seem to go know where fast? So step back and look at your life. Are you doing things for the right reason? Are you faithful and hopeful? This can help you have positive lasting strength in life! So ask yourself.

 Are you enjoying the ride?