What is Mae Movement?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

We get a lot of questions about "what Mae Movement really is", and how did it start? where did the name come from?

Well to tell you the truth it is a whole lot of things, a whole lot of stories and I would need a book to honestly explain everything. I am sure a lot of you only know about the bracelets, right? Well the bracelets are beautiful and we love them but they just the beginning for us.

Dee and I have a vision for Mae Movement far beyond them and we are excited to be moving forward. We are constantly growing, all humans are and that is what makes us so a-MAE-zing ;)

As we grow, Mae Movement grows and develops. Trying new things, going out of your comfort zone, growth in your relationships, helping another soul. They ALL are movements that generate, a larger one. 

Two years ago this week marks the anniversary of my clean eating and fitness journey. Before that I struggled with confidence in so many areas in my life. Doing something to improve the quality of my life ended up being such a positive and influential movement for not only me but so many others, because I teach and share my experiences with living a healthy life. I always had aspirations of helping others but because I lacked self esteem I would not try out for leadership roles in school or really use my voice to speak my own truth. When I finally set my mind to my goals and achieved them, I was able to do so many things that I did not think I could do before. That was when we found the bracelets... or I should say the bracelets found us. We never intended on selling them full time, but they started to sell themselves with out us trying. friends, family, co-workers even ladies in the check out line at the grocery store wanted them and wanted to know more about the women of Nepal who make these precious little bracelets. I realized it was great platform to use to speak about in my student government conferences, because it was entrepreneurial and it made a difference in someones overall quality of life. Over the course of a year, Dee and I spoke at trade shows, and other local events. The bracelets wound up playing a huge role in our lives. They were even bringing us to different states, I don't really know how. All I know is the bracelets were always a part of it and each time Dee and I would travel, A-MAE-ZING things would happen. We have met people and learned about their movements, shared stories and let me tell you. Those real life experiences are where the growth happens. You can learn so much from another persons story. Then it all started to come together. I loved health and wellness, Dee loves Personal growth and  helping others... ( she is one of the most selfless people I know). So many signs came up for us through out the year that were reoccurring symbols and words. We talk in metaphors a lot within our brand. Waves, ships, mountains, love, infinity, etc. 

This was my 10th grade homecoming on the left and the picture on the right was my senior graduation. 

Adventures With Dee


We played around with names for months... no really it took forever! Dee and I practically paced around our office, aka the pit, aka our dinning room and could not agree on a name to save our lives. For any of you that do not know this, MAE is my middle name. We tried using both of our names, our initials, my brothers, dad, cat, dog, you named it we tried it... well just not the cat and dog part. I noticed a trend in our lingo at the events we did and the motivational  post's we had on Facebook, used words like amazing, make and made. Then one day it clicked. Made and Maed, stemming from my middle name. It was perfect. I loved it. Not only was it personal but it maed sense. see what I did there ;) We added movement because that is the goal! to generate a movement by maeking yourself the best you can be so you can Maek someone else the best they can be too! As we have worked with name it really became a part of us, I would not want to call it anything else. What is even more special is hearing other people say the name or use it in a blog or instagram post. What defines Mae Movement is growth, we will never know 100% what it means simply because it is always going to be growing because we are always growing. 

Where is Mae Movement Going?
I am an artist, a designer, a health and fitness nut, a self proclaimed instigator  and inspor-ator. I have big dreams for this brand. Meshing it all together is goal. Inspirational designs, an awesome community of Movers... meaning you :) A whole lot of faith and hard work has gotten us this far and we are going to keep moving. 

So What is Mae Movement? It is a mountain, a wave, it is infinite, it is love. Its the ships that mae have not left the harbor yet, or it it the one toughing it out on the open water's.  Whatever it is, Maek it yours and Maek your move.
Its your turn, what will you move today?

Love and blessings
Haley xx

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  1. How much of the amount paid for the bracelet is given to the women in Nepal? How much does your company keep?