Q + A

So whats your story?

You can find that HERE + HERE

What else do you do?

I wear A LOT of hats!
Aside from Mae Movement, which I like to consider my baby, which has different roles for me, everything from designer to health coach.
I am also an freelance photographer + Stylist and Initially went to school for Illustration and Graphic Design. I still do custom fashion illustration + commissioned work HERE + HERE

I don't know where to start with being healthy, what should I do?

First thing. CUT OUT THE JUNK! No processed, chemical filled, fake food!
Daily exercise and lots of H2O ! 

I have low self esteem, I don't like my body and I want to be my best, can you help me?

YES! I completely understand! I was there once! Mae Movements new Lifestyle coaching plan " MAEd for You" is exactly what girls need! I will help you get to the root of the cause and help find YOU perfect nutrition plan and also work with you on lifestyle too! The way we live, the people we associate with, all contribute to our overall health! If you want to jumpstart you health and your life contact me at maemovement@aol.com 

What is you fave healthy snack? 

It changes frequently but I am LOVING these Sea Weed chips from Sea Bakin

What is your workout routine?

I offer tailored exercise plans, don't hesitate to contact me! You can also follow me on Instagram, where I post my workouts and Subscribe to Haleshealth for more! 

Must have beauty product for hair + skin?

Def this leave in conditioner! ... ooohhh and Moroccan oil!

Skin.... these Pacifica Coconut Water Face Wipes! Ladies take yo face off at night! 

I want to collab!

Awesome! Email me! maemovement@aol.com 

Where else can we find you?


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