Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tip Tuesday

Here is a quicky for you all.
What do you love to do? What moves you?
To follow up with Mondays post, you can achieve what you want, with the right amount of work and dedication. If doing what you love seems out of reach, I promise, it's not. You have those desires for a reason and they will continue to burn until you tend to them. So start small, break down what you want and take the smallest step. Maybe you have always wanted to be a fine artist but never had the education. So you just stopped painting and drawing all together. Pick up a pencil and sketch for 30 minutes. Then maybe next week draw something you love. Before you know it you could work out to taking an art class and maybe even continuing education courses. 
It does not have to be an action that moves you or a hobby. It could be a place or a person that perhaps you have not gone to or seen in a while. Its healthy to keep these things in the front of our minds and hearts because before long to much time passes and those gears stop turing, you completely loose sight and maybe have even forgot what you truly love. 
How do you make time for things you Love? Are they priority? Or do you keep them in the back of your mind? I challenge all of you to write down whatever it is and keep it somewhere you will see it, like your planner or on your dashboard in your car. See how much more motivated it mae-ks you to find your love again.

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